Coffee & the Barista Artists

This article is dedicated to the world of coffee; and, more specifically, to the baristas who create it. Do we ever stop to think that, our cup of coffee is much more than that to the talented barista? To the passionate, creative, and artistic barista, our coffee is their canvas. Now, I am not talking … Continue reading Coffee & the Barista Artists


Can't Get to Work? Great! Play Day Rock Climbing! Are there really such things as obstacles? Well of course there are! HOWEVER the key is attitude! Are we pessimistic or optimistic? Are we visionaries or do we tend to have tunnel vision? First, let me say, the world needs both mindsets. The difference is in … Continue reading OBSTACLES?

From My Herb Basket

      Fall is now upon us! It's time for fresh herbs of the season; however, more importantly, for the season! The following are some basic herbs that I like to have on hand over the fall months. Eldreberry Sage Echinacea Astragalus Rhodiola       ELDERBERRIES to help support your immune system,   SAGE for … Continue reading From My Herb Basket

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! I'd like to welcome you! Seat belts encouraged, 'cuz this will be a fun ride! Oh yeah, coffee, tea, & donuts are in the back!       As I was walking through the streets an oddity struck me. It was a new definition for the word, "Tourist". Now the dictionary … Continue reading The Journey Begins